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For this reason, many nonprofits purchase non owned auto liability insurance. Non owned auto liability insurance covers liability for accidents caused by an employee or volunteer driving their own vehicle on a nonprofit’s behalf. The coverage is designed to protect only the nonprofit organization, not the employee or volunteer. Coverage applies above the liability limits of the vehicle owner’s personal automobile policy. There is no coverage for damage to the vehicle that is not owned by the nonprofit. To really circle the wagons and close the coverage loop, some carriers will provide an endorsement on non owned auto policies that add the volunteer who drives his or her own car on the nonprofit’s business as an additional insured under the nonprofit’s non owned auto policy.

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auto insurance companies ratings moody's

But they also pose significant new challenges for regulators who are accustomed to assessing human intermediaries.

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Owners of a property, especially public business establishments all possess a legal responsibility to keep their premises in good condition in order that no one may be hurt or injured.

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The idea is for customers to not only buy and renew insurance policies, but also send service requests, even file claims.

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