How to Make Custom Musical boxes & Branded Packing: The Ultimate Journey

Let’s look at the packaging report of DotCom Distribution’s 2015 which says that the more than 40% of the customer’s or shoppers say that they make the branded custom music boxes by the online packaging companies like Packze and etc. They also recommend of these branded boxes to friends and family and also share through social media.

Do you wanna attract of the popular professional music Performers who wanna buy the musical instrument from you are thinking yet after reading it that how it will be possible. Do you wanna also attract of those professional music Performers who give a gift for his friends and family members.You can easily do it by using the eye catchy, beautiful and excellent wooden music boxes are customizing a lots of companies like Packze has a lot of customization options for your music instrument. These boxes also protect of your musical instruments.It also perfectly saves from your any type of damage.

Custom Music Boxes

Do you wanna make or customize of these boxes requires some patient due to accurate precision. You don’t need to worry for the customization process is relatively simple. If you wanna play the favorite songs by decorating the musical instrument box such as desired. Then, You have to start to customize of these box. You will be able to make all types of custom boxes by using this guide within low budget. Let’s start this ultimate journey.

Choose the right Box Size

You have to make sure that your music box size is totally fitted according to your musical instruments so that you must completely obtain the better song playing experience. You have to measure the size(INCH) of his instruments by using the measurement scale or another thing which you have to use this formula for the simple measurement.

box size

Width (7.6 Inches) + Deep (2 Inches) + Height (5 Inches)

Paint the Box

You have to start the paint now through using the sponge brush on the both sides like inside and outside in any type of color which you like. You have to also take care from before paint is completely dry. It is best way to deliver a better musical unboxing experience for your other professional music performers. You can paint on his box in the low budget and we are writing here some ways which you have to take care or remember during the paint.

Paint the wooden box
If you are using the recycle box is already decorated and finished.Then you don’t need to repaint.

Cost Range of Acrylic Paint : From under 15.99 per acrylic paint
Cost Range of Paint Brushes: From under $8.99

Where you can start it.

For custom printed boxes programs + fulfillment solutions: Packze
For custom boxes programs: Cakes And Catering

Did you know it that Custom music boxes group like Packze completely offers in all types of customize sizes and paints according to your instrument needs. Another group like Cakes and Catering don’t offer the fulfillment solutions.

Glue feet to all 4 corners

In 2nd step, you have to use a excellent glue gun for to attach the square beads with the every outside corner of music box base.

Glue feet
Position Every Bead: 1/4 inch

If beads will be larger. Therefore, the beads can be borne the weight of your box.

Music box Sized: 1/2 To 1 inch

You have to also remember it that the beads should paint with the perfect manner that coordinates with excellent color match scheme of your box.

Let’s decorate the lid, if you desired

You should quit the outside lid plain and music instrument should not touch with the lid of your box.

Decorate the lid

Part 2: Create a paper template

In the Part 2,you have to just install the mechanism and how to install it?

paper template

Let’s place this musical mechanism on the sheet of paper and you have to track all over the place its perimeter. Now you have to use the scissors to cut from the outline.

Please cut out this template, flip over own mechanism on the template. It’s time to get for the mark of holes in the template by using the pencil.

Drill 3 Holes By the box

You have to just drill the 2 screw holes & small hole by using the paper template.

Drill holes

screw holes Size: 1/8 inch
Keyhole Size: 1/4 inch

You can use the hand drill for the holes in the wooden box.

Remove Mechanism case

You can use the small tool which is name of screwdriver will remove of the screws which are holding with the plastic case on the mechanism.

mechanism case

Place musical mechanism inside with the box.

You have to take the musical mechanism with the corner of your box where you previously rested of this template. You have to take care for screw holes on your box which should be matched with your screw holes which is already rested on your mechanism.

Secure the mechanism

In this step you have to secure the mechanism which will be possible to place after the 1/8 inch screw by applying the each screw hole. When you will fix of all these screws in the place. The mechanism should be secured on the box.

Secure mechanism

Attach the key

You have to rotate of this key by using the keyhole which is on the bottom of your box with keyhole of your mechanism. You will feel about the key “click” position inner side of your mechanism. If not, you have to simply continue by winding it until musical mechanism creates the sound.


Cut a divider

Now you have to cut the thin or small piece of the wood to make for the width of your box and have to also use this small piece of the wood to separate tool(mechanism) from rest of your box.

Cut a divider

Don’t make a divider if your box is just large ample from the mechanism. Please note of these requirements.

Wood divider Size 1/8 inch thick
The wood box Width (W) should be exceed or matched the height(H) of your mechanism.

Set divider in the place

You have to use hot magic glue to join of the divider with the front and back sides of your box. You have to completely dry of this glue before starting the next step.

Set the divider

Cut a small piece of the plexiglass

Cut a thin or small piece of the plexiglass will secure of movement from the edbris and dust. If you wanna keep the plastic on this movement, then, you don’t want to install a Plexiglas’s.

piece of plexiglass

Place plexiglass on the movement

You have to use the super or hot glue to attach the plexiglass with the both sides of your divider and box and have to also keep in mind during the installation of plexiglass level should not touch with the movement.


Let complete it and let play it

Now your last step of the music box will be finished. Let’s play its music.

Custom Music Boxes

Are you looking for packaging companies which are making of these custom boxes. Packze and Cake and Catering are companies which are customizing of these Music Boxes for sale.

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